Fieldcollecting in Delphi

 I travelled a lot last summer, al over Eastern-Europe and Balkan all the way to Greece. I had a lot of sidequests in this country, so i didn't explore sooo much here into the fluorescent world.

But actually, i was very lucky here. I travelled by van and one evening i was searching on satelite for a remote spot to sleep. I found a small dirt road leading to an old cave i would visit the next day, perfect i thought.
The next day i woke up and visited the cave. After being in the cave for a while, i noticed i could clim all the way up in the back and take a small way down again, out of sight. In the bottom i found 2 very small holes. i pushed myself through and i was in some kind of 'secret' room. Inside this room, i foudn a carving with a date '1924' and a small whole. looking inside the whole i could see some crystals! Very lucky place to find a pocket i think. I slowly and ethically opened it, taking a few samples out. Climbing back with samples wasn't that easy and i had to take them out in 2 times, for not damaging them. Cleaned with brush, but not chemically and i won't.

Very good fluorescence and also phosporescence.

This are my first Greek fluorescent rocks AND i found them myself. Two of the samples have very littl green fluorescence in UVC.
All wavelengths have similar color but UVA is more white, UVB littl greenish and UVC more blueish.

Calcite, some with littl matrix. I believe this because of strontium the Calcite fluoresce this white? If i am wrong, please correct me!
Calcite from a cave not to far from Delphi, Greece.

For more pictures of this locality i also direct you to the gallery. UVA, UVB and UVC!