Fieldcollecting in Chimay

I started beginning of August for a long quest. After 1 week of Hungary for a festival, i planned to go south after and explore the Balkan, all the way to Greece and Athens. My main quest was to search fluorescents minerals acros all this countries. I had a lot of adventures/experience i will write a littl about it.

I start at the beginning and also the end

Nothing goes completely as planned, due to circumstances i had to leave my companion and best friend.  So without even prospecting one place together,we were separated... To bad, but adjust the plans and go for it we both thought

After 4 weeks of travelling and keep eachother updated with minor text and pictures, we reunited and decided to go to the south of Belgium, to Chimay. Where i would end my looong travel through Europe together with him.

The place we went,we never go before. Here you see some collected samples of that night.

Calcite with minor Baryte, Chimay, Belgium.
Wl, UVB, UVC is the order of the pictures.

Very attracting Belgian specimens i think.

For more pictures of this locality i also direct you to the gallery. UVA, UVB and UVC!