Fieldcollecting in Resteigne

This is the place where it all started years ago for me...  When i found out about fluorescent minerals i contact some people and one of them talked to me about this place. And that i would certainly find something with my 365nm UV-light, nothing special he told me also. For me it was very special and where most collectors and enthousiasts use 3 diffirent wavelengths, i used only 1 for a very long time. This was the main connection between the stones and my favourite music!

As a total noob in fluorescence i went there the first time even without portable uv-lights. I gathered a lot of rocks and just 1 had littl fluorescence, haha! During the years i was very lucky a few times and got to extract a few very nice uv specimens.

Here a few pictures of the last time i went to this locality with 2 friends and the most beautiful specimens i was able to take home. Those specimens are from 2016 if i remember correct.

A special place that started this whole adventure! For more minerals from this location, check the UVB and UVC gallery!